by Beth Trissel

May 2009
ISBN: 1-60154-471-5
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English widow Rebecca Elliot and her sister Kate are on their way to meet their uncle at Fort Warden. Their group is ambushed by warriors lying in wait. Some of the soldiers escorting the sisters are massacred and some are captured. Kate escapes into the woods, but Rebecca is taken prisoner. The Shawnee warrior who takes Rebecca promises she will not be harmed. Yet, how can she believe him after what she has just witnessed?

Shoka admires Becca’s spunk, nevertheless, he knows it may be her undoing. The best way to protect her is to keep her close by his side. That is, if he can manage to stop her from trying to escape. Shoka makes the mistake of telling Becca that he plans to sell her to a Frenchman in order to buy a rifle for himself. Becca pleads with him to change his mind. She thinks life with the Shawnee is preferable to living with a Frenchman. Becca has no clue as to how tough it is to survive in the wilds of 1700’s Virginia. The tension between the tribes and the ongoing French and Indian war are just a few of the things that Becca must deal with while keeping herself alive.

Shoka helps Becca search for her lost sister. During this time Becca begins to get to know Shoka and feelings begin to develop between them. Will love have a chance amongst the many obstacles standing in the way?

Through the Fire is my first read by Beth Trissel. I am impressed by the depth and quality of description which enhances the story without leaving the reader drowning in the details. Strong characters lead this adventure set during a time in America’s troubled youth. The reader cannot help but cheer on the budding relationship between Shoka and Rebecca.

Through the Fire is a well-crafted historical love story whose telling makes the reader feel as if she has been transported back in time. The secondary cast of characters adds to the experience courtesy of Beth Trissel.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Rho.

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