by Pamela Johnson

May 2003
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Darci Cunningham is trying to get on with her life after the passing of her husband of twenty-two years. Darci is still relatively young, as she is in her early forties and still trim and athletic. Getting on with her life involved a move to the Mackinac Island, where she and her now deceased husband Matt had their honeymoon. She went to the island for peace to get her life together and to work on what had always been a dream of hers, to be an author. She also works at The Iroquois Hotel in the dining room, either filling in for a waitress or being the hostess.

Tyler Landston was a photographer sent to the Mackinac Island during the fall and winter to take photos of the island for his employer. The island is isolated from the rest of the world, pretty much from the late fall until spring starts to arrive. Darci notes his arrival to the island and the hotel, as she answered the phone when he called and of course the incident in the lobby, where he dropped a bag filled with camera equipment on her foot.

Darci and Tyler are both lonely. They are drawn to one another by some kind of invisible force it seems. Tyler is waking in Darci what she thought would never happened again, she is having feelings for him. She isnít sure about this as she has two children but they are in college. She isnít sure what they will say with it being only a year and a half after their fathersí death.

Pamela Johnson wove a beautiful tale of the budding romance between Darci and Tyler, giving them the second chance at love, something they thought they would never have again and acceptance. The scenes she describes of the island put you right there beside Darci and Tyler and will take your breath away. It is not all-smooth sailing for them; they have some bumps and a hurdle or two to get over and past.

One hurdle is to let go of the past and that might be a friend of the family as well. Peter Beck has been the financial advisor/investor for Matt for a long time, since graduating from college. The three of them, Darci, Matt, and Peter had been good friends, but Peter now seems to want to be a bigger part of Darciís life.

Tides Of Autumn is the first in a series. I wonder which secondary character from this story will have their story told soon. The secondary characters added the right amount of chemistry, flair, craziness and suspense to the story. We get to see just enough of them to hope their story will be the next one. I will definitely be on the lookout for the next story in this series as Pamela Johnson, Iím sure, will give us another heartwarming tale of romance and the chances we have to take sometimes to achieve the happiness, and also that love is not a smooth ride but more like a roller coaster.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Pam.

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