by Pamela Palmer

September 2009
ISBN: 978-0061667534
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Mass Market Paperback

Blue Ridge Mountains

Waking to find he has been chained to a rock slab in a cavern deep in the mountains, Feral Warrior Paenther could not believe he had fallen for a Mage enchantress yet again! Hundreds of years ago when he was newly turned into his animal, a female mage had duped and captured him. Barely escaping with his powers still intact, Paenther has lived with the constant pain for centuries from his injuries inflicted by that long dead witch. Now here it was happening all over again. But this witch seems different. She is pretty in a waif-like way, and has the ability to communicate with animals, an ability that is being exploited by the Mage wizard who has enslaved her.

Born a rare enchantress mage, witch Skye has been the evil sorcerer Birik’s prisoner since he took her from her mother and clan at the age of eight. Decades of abuse at Birik’s hands have left Skye emotionless, until she enthralls the Feral Warrior Paenther. His dark predatory animal talks to Skye, and she cannot help but be drawn to him. Although chained, and unable to turn into his animal, the enraged Paenther is still erotically drawn to this fragile creature. Seeing firsthand the violence that is inflicted daily on Skye from her captor, Paenther's icy heart begins to melt despite Skye’s being a mage, releasing a Passion Untamed.

Book three in the paranormal Feral Warrior series by Pamela Palmer, Passion Untamed is Paenther’s story. Paenther is the black panther, and has been living out of sync with his beast since he became feral in the 1700’s due to the torture he suffered from the witch Ancreta. Skye manages to keep her soul and her dignity even after years of being misused by the demonic Birik. Together they fight the forces that would destroy them both. The graphic torture scenes make the book hard to take at times, but I found Passion Untamed held my interest despite that. Good character definition, climatic scenes and hot steamy romance will guide Passion Untamed to a best-selling level.

Reviewed in October 2009 by Bonnie.

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