by Betina Krahn

July 2003
ISBN: 0-425-19092-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Brave knights, feisty young women, arranged marriages, and a Court riddled with intrigue! All the necessary elements for a fine historical romance. Following in the footsteps of her successful novel The Husband Test, Betina Krahn takes us back to a small French convent and the world of Chloe of Guibray. Through various political maneuverings that make for a tidy plot, but matter little next to the romance, Chloe and four friends end up traveling to England to wed. Guarding their passage is the very uptight and upright knight, Sir Hugh of Sennet.

This is the relationship that absolutely ignites this story. Chloe is the perfect heroine, being intelligent, well-bred, very sharp and exceptionally loving. Hugh is the opposite, being moody, misogynistic, overly religious and quite unemotional. Or so he thinks. The fun begins right off the bat with their journey across the Channel to England, and continues as a rather bored King Edward enjoys a few laughs at Sir Hugh’s expense and deliberately places him into Chloe’s vicinity more often than is wise.

It’s Hugh’s struggle against his growing feelings for Chloe that make this a spellbinding tale of love triumphant. Watching him succumb to her womanly ways, which she has absolutely no idea are having any effect on him at all, is an absolute delight. When the villainous acts of a few place the brides in jeopardy, it is Hugh who leads the rescuers, and Hugh who finds out what love really means.

Although this is certainly a romance, and the love story drives this book from start to finish, it is Hugh of Sennet who remains in the mind at the turn of the final page. A truly wonderful hero, surprising, out-of-the ordinary, yet absolutely adorable. Chloe is a very lucky young lady. I highly recommend this book to any romance lover – Hugh and Chloe will steal your heart.

Reviewed in June 2003 by Celia.

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