by Maureen Child

August 2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-22772-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Maggie Donovan is now the Queen of the Otherworld. It is a tough job and she is not sure she is up to the task. Part of her just wants to remain average Maggie Donovan. That is much easier said than done when she has a Fae Warrior who is insisting she make Otherworld her permanent home and take her place as Queen once and for all.

Maggie is still not sure if she can fully trust Culhane, particularly when she discovers some of the activities that he has been leading behind her back. But she needs him on her side because like it or not, Mab is still a threat. Then there is the sudden reappearance of Maggie’s GrandFae, Jasic. What does he want when he has never made any overtures towards Maggie before? When Maggie’s niece accidentally lets Mab out of her prison, life becomes even more complicated. Now Maggie will have to step up to the throne, step up to her Fae heritage, before she loses everything.

Beguiled is a pleasant paranormal romance. It is rather bland and does not stand out much in terms of storytelling or even characterization. Maggie is a likable enough woman, just trying to find her way around Otherworld and her new duties. Culhane is a typical male character: possessive, protective, and sexy. The danger is really not all that eventful or thrilling and the story just goes along at a steady pace. Maureen Child can usually dig a bit deeper into the emotions of her characters but this story stays on surface level. Not a bad read, and readers who enjoyed the first book, Bedeviled will more than likely want to continue with this story. However, newcomers to Maureen Child’s paranormal series will not find anything remarkable or unique about this story.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Sarah.

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