by Margaret Mallory

July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-446-55339-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Ross Castle

England, near the Welsh border

June 1405

Sir William FitzAlan rode with purpose up to the gates of Ross Castle to claim the spoils of battle awarded to him by his sovereign. That very day William had slain the rebel Lord Rayburn for his traitorous activities. William has been awarded Rayburnís holdings and the right to wed his widow, the fair Lady Catherine Rayburn.

For five years, Catherine had withstood Rayburnís abuse both physically and mentally. Seeing an opportunity to destroy her despotic husband and show her loyalty to the English crown, Catherine spied on Rayburnís activities sending secret missives back to King Henry. Hearing of her husbandís death, Catherine sinks to her knees, not in grief, but in thanks to God for finally answering her prayers and bringing an end to her nightmare. But is it over? The huge frightening knight looming over her with the blood of her husband still staining his tunic has announced that Catherine has two choices, marry him, or return to the King and risk spending the rest of her life in the tower. The first option will secure Catherineís and her young sonís future, so she agrees to wed William. Catherine does not relish returning to a marriage bed, her limited experience with the brutal Rayburn has not been pleasant, so she manages to get William to give her time to get to know him before he claims his marital right to her body. Can this Knight of Desire show Catherine the tender side of his heart or will William allow his jealousies and distrustfulness of the emotion of love win?

Knight of Desire is novice author Margaret Malloryís first novel. Thereís a good mix of accurate historical details and romance blended together to give Knight of Desire a tasty medieval flavor. However, the ups and downs between Catherine and her new husband William go to the extreme and sometimes the roller coaster ride jars the nerves too much. Overall with time we will see some good things come from this inspired new authorís pen.

Reviewed in June 2009 by Bonnie.

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