by Scott Carpenter

April 2003
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Linda Hamilton has successfully worked her way up to a management position in her firm. Her only problem is her lecherous supervisor, Steve Babbitt, a man with eight arms and a hugely offensive personality. While in Los Angeles with Steve and a coworker Stacy, Linda sees strikingly handsome Richard Lewis and is immediately attracted to him.

Richard finds her equally appealing. Unbeknown to Linda, Richard is a manager with the firm in which Linda’s company is merging. The two quickly become involved in a very passionate affair involving steamy scenes in a hot tub and some very wet moments with a bottle of Chardonnay.

Steve however wants Linda for himself and threatens to create problems for her at work if she doesn’t become his lover. What will Linda do? Is she strong enough to handle Steve or will she fall prey to his evil plans?

Though this story is packed with some hot sexual episodes, it’s still pretty much your average read. There are a few editorial typos, and the writing, though adequate, is not exceptional. The best parts of Slippery When Wet are Carpenter’s occasional bursts of tart humor which are sure to make you grin and raise your eyebrows.

Despite Stacy’s infrequent appearances in this tale, I found her character to be quite unlikable. She was a bit too easy for me, jumping right into bed with a total stranger. Linda moved pretty fast herself too, but when the story is less than forty-five pages, things have to move quickly.

If you’re looking for a rapid read and like lots of moisture, then this story may be perfect for you. Lie on the deck and enjoy it on a bright sunny day. This way, you’ll dry off fast.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Natasha.

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