by Beth Trissel

May 2009
ISBN: 1-60154-493-6
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Meriwether Steele has been staying with her guardian, Jeremiah Jordan, while recuperating from an illness. Sheís known Jeremiah since childhood and loved him for nearly as long. During her stay Meriwether finds out more about the man she thought she knew. Jeremiah is a spy for the rebels. A loyalist herself, Meriwether is terrified of what will happen if the British find out that Jeremiah is fighting against the Crown.

Soon Meriís worst fears come to pass. Jeremiah is accused of being a spy for the Colonies. Meri, in defense of the man she loves, shoots the British Captain who tries to arrest Jeremiah. Now Meri and Jeremiah are both on the run in the back country to avoid prison or worse, a traitorís death.

While on the run, Meri and Jeremiah deal with their feelings for one another. Jeremiahís late wife is still very much an issue. Meriís brother is loyal to the King of England and insists Meri forsake Jeremiah. To be together Meri and Jeremiah must face personal demons, family loyalties, and deception.

The authorís love for history shines through in Enemy of the King. Set during the troubled times of the American Revolution, this story has heart. Ms. Trissel gives us the human side of history, the uncertainty of life, and the strength of the people enduring it.

Once again I admire this authorís ability to bring to life a historical romance with her knowledge of the time period and a cast of unforgettable characters. Ms. Trissel knows American history and the history of her chosen setting. She brings them together making a tightly written and action-packed story that leaves one feeling satisfied at the end. I will definitely be reading more by this author.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Rho.

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