by Mary Balogh

March 2003
ISBN: 0-440-23663-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Dell Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

Kit Butler, Viscount Ravensberg, is outrageous. Always involved in an adventure designed to shock the staid members of the Ton, he is fully enjoying his bachelor life. When he receives word from his disapproving father to return to the family estate, Kit is dismayed to discover that he has been a participant in an arranged betrothal - to the woman who rejected him in favor of his elder brother. The fact that the heir died before getting married has not deterred the two families from orchestrating a match. Kit wants no part of the plans, and is desperate to find a solution. His plan is simple: to present his family with a fait accompli, a fiancee whose comportment is so impeccable, so proper, that they cannot proceed with the arrangement.

Miss Lauren Edgeworth is a perfect fit for Kitís requirements. She is a lady through and through. Composed and serene, she has all of the prerequisites for the life of a society wife. In fact, she was about to become one, when unforseen circumstances left her abandoned at the altar. Passing a year in quiet retreat, she has returned to society, wary and wounded. She finds nothing admirable in the scandalous Viscount, and cannot believe that he would be pursuing her.

A Summer to Remember is a touching story. There are so many levels to discover that the reader will be enchanted over and over. There are skillfully woven sub-plots and strong secondary characters holding court on every page. I was very moved by the strong emotions. There were passages that brought tears to my eyes, as the characters revealed past sorrows and experienced new joys.

This novel also introduces us to the Bedwyn family, who will be entertaining us all summer in a series of their own.. Their attitudes and accomplishments remind me of another family series, the Mallorens, brought to life by Jo Beverley. I look forward to reading their novels, beginning with Slightly Married. Ms. Balogh is to be congratulated not only for her fine writing, but for excellent timing as these stories are being released one per month, just in time for summer reading season.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Paula.

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