by Jan Coffey

July 2003
ISBN: 1-55166-703-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

The treasured Schuyler flag, one of the oldest American flags still around, is burnt down and FBI agent, Nate Murtaugh is on a race against time to find a replacement before President Kentís much anticipated 'Spirit of America Celebration' tour kicks off on the fourth of July. Ellie Littlefield, an antiques dealer with an unsavory past, and an eight-year old child Chris, are the last two people to see the flag before it burnt down. But now Chris is missing and Ellie, who has no great love of cops, isnít willing to tell Nate anything. She too is worried about the missing kid and can relate to the homeless kidís penchant for running away from his foster parents.

Circumstances being what they are, the two of them are forced to set aside mutual antagonism and work together for the greater good. Verbal battles soon become the norm and sarcastic zings fill the air as the cop and the ex-thief begin to navigate the murky waters of forging and art theft. Meanwhile President Kent, eager to win a second term, is depending heavily on the 'Spirit of America' tour to boost his sagging ratings. The flag burning down is too timely too be a coincidence. Is there a terrorist group out to test the morale of the American citizens? Or is this some massive conspiracy? But to what end?

Jan Coffey is the pseudonym for the husband and wife writing team of Jim and Nikoo McGoldrick. The authors have done a smashing good job of creating an almost perfect blend of romance and suspense in their latest thriller ĎTriple Threatí. The story has quite a few mysteries in it, which all come together only in the end and reveal the true depth of the intricate plot. The pace is exhilarating to say the least. There are plenty of tense and nail biting, suspenseful moments and ample sensually hot and romantic parts too! The romance between the two main protagonists is not the love-at-first-sight kind Ė they canít stand each other at first. But the working conditions are such that theyíre forced to be in each otherís company, and gradually find their prejudices melting away, and respect taking its place, which then evolves into passion and then love. This gradual development of love is realistic, and very very believable! The sizzling passion between them scorches the pages, as do the death-defying action sequences. The mystery is also very good. There are some secondary stories and many secondary characters populating this book, some of them from the authorsí previous books, and they are all convincing and interesting. The way suspense and romance blend together to become this book, is really fascinating. Heady and hot!

Reviewed in May 2003 by Rashmi.

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