by Cheyenne McCray

April 2003
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Catie Wilds is pissed off. Someone has been rustling cattle for the last six weeks and the Sheriff's Department still hasn’t found the culprits. When she storms into the Sheriff’s office to demand some answers, she comes face to face with the new Sheriff, Jarrod Savage. The man is sex on the hoof.

Sheriff Savage is intrigued and aroused by Catie Wilds, the little spitfire rancher who demands results about the investigation into the cattle rustling. He can’t wait to get his hands on her, it will happen sooner than he thinks.

Wildcat is a fun, sexy romp. Catie is strong, independent, sexy and willing to try just about anything, except commitment. Jarrod is just as strong, determined and so damned sexy, if he wasn’t a fictional character, I would want to know if he had a brother. (grin)

When the evidence begins to point towards someone close to Catie, Jarrod is reluctant to tell her because he is afraid of losing her. Things come to a head when Jarrod has to arrest her brother Steve, for suspicion. Catie takes matters into her own hands and attempts to gain evidence of the real rustlers. When she stumbles upon the rustlers and gets captured, she realizes that she made a mistake. When Jarrod and the rest of the Sheriff’s Department come and save her, Catie is relieved and accepts his “marriage proposal”.

I really liked this story. The characters were funny, the sex was hot and I didn’t figure out who the real cattle rustlers were, until almost the end. This is the second book in a trilogy, Wildfire is the first one. The stories are connected but you really don’t need to read Wildfire to know what is happening.

Reviewed in May 2003 by Carolyn.

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