by Jaide Fox

March 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-410-0
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Winter Stevens is stubborn, has a mind of her own and knows how to use it. She also lets her emotions rule her. And boy, did her emotions override her good sense not to cause a scene but, that is exactly what happened when she was dancing with Logan Cordell. Now a gentleman knows what can and cannot be discussed with a lady. Logan overstepped those bounds and Winter slapped him, leaving a nice hand print on his face. He in turn showed her some other emotions after she fled the ballroom. He showed her that she was not at all immune to him.

Well this is what took place four years before the story began. Logan is not quite over what she did to him and he sets out to get even. Logan is handsome, dark haired and a bronze hard body to go along with his looks. Logan has wanted Winter, whom he calls the Ice Princess, for over six years. Will he finally be able to have her? Remember she has had six, long years to harden her heart to everyone around her, to become jaded just like the rest of society. Hence the name bestowed upon her.

Winter has done something that no respectable young woman would do; she poses for a painting, the only problem is that the painting of her, is nude, and she knows she had clothes on when it was being painted. If it is brought to light, it will not only shame her, but her mother as well. She will do anything to keep that from happening, even playing along with Logan for two weeks so that what she did, will not be brought to the attention of anyone. After the Stevens were left with nearly nothing after Winters father died, she will do almost anything to not bring shame to her mother or their name.

Winter Thaw is a great read, very easy and entertaining which is why we like to read romance, to escape to another time and place. Needless to say the sparks fly each and every time they are in the same room together. It is not that often that we get to see; well read, the exploration of sex that one does to the other in a historical and in no less a place that they can be caught.

Ms. Fox has created a story that will draw you in from the beginning. She gives us a story that blends old hurts, misgivings, an adventure or two, and an unthawing so to speak. After reading Winter Thaw, I will pick up her next historical book.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Pam.

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