by Jaid Black

April 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2274-9
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Kandrea Kane is different from most women. Slightly quirky, she sees ghosts and visions of the future. Her art allows her to channel those visions. When Kandrea decides to separate her home and her studio, she hires Damon Clyde to refurbish. Despite his prickly manner she cannot deny the attraction she feels to the modern caveman.

Damon Clyde can tolerate Kandrea’s bossiness and the fact she thinks she’s psychic, but her body might drive him over the edge. Determined to have her, Damon sets out on a mission of pleasure…to win the quirky Kandy Kane.

Bossy and Clyde is a quickie in every sense of the word. In just over thirty pages, Jaid Black takes us on an erotic journey of two contemporary characters who cannot resist the deep seated attraction between them. There were some nice touches throughout the story – the misunderstanding of Kandrea’s ‘date’ with Damon’s worst enemy; the fact that Damon is the little boy Kandrea has painted from her visions.

While it was an enjoyable quickie, I found some of the romance elements too ‘fluffy’ for a Jaid Black story, especially the ending. I’m all for a happy ever after, but the ending seemed a bit too contrived. One final negative – Kandrea’s quirkiness was at times endearing but sometimes over the top.

Bossy and Clyde is a fun, quick read. But I’ve read better from Ms. Black.

Reviewed in May 2009 by Donna.

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