by Keri Arthur

November 2002
ISBN: 1-893896-84-6
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Trade Paperback

The third in Keri Arthurís Nikki & Michael series finds them in San Francisco. Wealthy women are being kidnapped, some of them found - dead, drained of blood and badly mutilated.

Yup, once more a vampire is running wild. This one might be young, but he is dangerous, powerful and very sick Ė not for the faint hearted ones! Michael, a vampire himself, is send in to stop him and his minions. Heíd be perfectly able to handle the situation...alone, but his girlfriend Nikki is not having it. Stepping in, first to help a friend but also to prove that she is strong enough to be part of Michaelís secretive world. Especially as her powers are changing, growing. And those powers make her a target of evil. However, with the help of some otherworldly beings sheís ready to defend herself and her loved ones.

Chasing The Shadows only works beautifully as part of the series - as stand-alone title vital information about previous developments would be missing. It feels comfortable returning to Nikki and Michael, like visiting some dear friends. Problem is that the sexual tension is missing in this one. I guess thatís what you get when strangers become lovers, become soul mates.

This visit didnít turn out to be a pleasant one, as the dear friends are fighting and arguing far too much. Sure, difficult issues need to be addressed, but for a romance itís just not working. Michael was difficult to like in this installment Ė overprotective, unable to listen or to treat Nikki as an equal.

The suspense and the excitement are spot on though, and for that I enjoyed Chasing The Shadows. And when it comes to an ending that leaves me in tears and sighing, Ms. Arthur sure knows how to push my buttons. Not sure what the next Nikki & Michael installment will bring. I only hope it will be less angry and more sexy and loving. Reading it I will be, as Iím addicted to Keri Arthurís writing voice.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Kris Alice.

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