by Tricia McGill

May 2003
ISBN: 1-77100-133-1
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Remy O'Shea is a convict - one of the hundreds of poor, picked up for stealing food in the chill of London, and deported to the blistering heat of Australia. Fate has it that he finds his sister and her husband and is released into their custody to work on their farm. Life is simple, work is hard. He misses the bustle of the city life, and his outgoing personality makes him chaff at being so far from civilization. But Remy manages to stay content, and takes to the farm and the people around him. In fact, Aggie, his sister’s mousy nanny is completely smitten with him, much to his amusement. And then he meets their neighbour’s daughter, Sara Greenwood, and Remy falls instantly and deeply in love. Sara is a beautiful girl, the daughter of a wealthy landowner and her life has been that of a spoiled only child. But Sara is not spoiled, and she’s not capricious. She knows what she wants, and she wants handsome Remy O'Shea. The problem is, her father will never agree to her marrying an ex convict. To make matters worse, Remy has too much to drink one night, and the nanny, Aggie, seduces him thinking to force him to marry her. Remy wakes up with not much memory of what had happened, but Aggie finds herself pregnant.

Remy’s story is full of twists and turns, going from bad to worse, until you wonder how he can carry on living. He loses all he holds dear, but somehow he finds the will to go on. His adventure takes him from one side of Australia to the other, through gold mines and shanty towns, bushranger’s hold-ups to torture on a prison ship.

This story, the sequel to Blue Haze, had me riveted from page one. The historical facts ring true and ad veracity to Remy’s tale. The characters all come alive and the descriptions of places and events and people pulled me into the story and immersed me in their world. Remy is a stunning hero- handsome, kind, intelligent, and witty. I found myself holding my breath to see if he would find his true love, Sara. Once started, I couldn’t put this book down. It’s by far one of the most enthralling romances I’ve read in years. It’s now on my keeper shelf, and I very highly recommend you buy Remy O'Shea for your keeper shelf too – you won’t be disappointed!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Jennifer.

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