by Dominique Adair

May 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60504-527-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Samhain Publishing, Ltd

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In the third installment of Jane Porter, she has spent most of the weekend exploring her sexuality to its fullest extent. With not one, but with two delectable men, Antonio and Santos. They have decided she is now their submissive, and Jane is more then willing to succumb to their every sexual whim. This last night of the weekend is one of the biggest face-offs of her life because she has to see her ex-lover, Peter. And wait until he gets a load of her tied up, on display, and looking good enough to eat for the world to see.

Lily is pissed at Jean Jacques for sexing another woman right in front of her, she is more pissed at herself for caring. Two can play that game. She sets up for an old flame to take her in front of Jean Jacques, to get him back for how he hurt her. However, she does not realize this is a game that she can not win because Jean Jacques is playing for keeps.

Reinventing Jane Porter is an exciting, sexually charged read. The love scenes are going to blow your socks off. This story has hot sex, bdsm, and all the signs of being a lover's manual to sexual bliss. Get ready for the last installment of Jane Porter. The build up from the other two stories was worth the wait.

Reviewed in August 2009 by Lakisha.

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