by Liz Ireland

March 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7474-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

In a fit of angry over the way her boss has been treating her. Callie Hauseman accidentally turns him into a dog! Callie is a bit taken aback; she knows that she descends from a long line of somewhat watered-down witches and never expected to have any powers of her own. Panicked, she desperately tries to find her Aunt Agnes to help her reverse the spell.

CPA, David Teller is about to get married soon! And needs his uncle to RSVP the invitation that was sent to him. After not hearing any word from him, David sets about to find him. That is when he encounters Callie and her cute puppy Sparky whom she is trying to pass off as his uncle. David, of course, does not believe her until evidence starts to surface and he has no choice but to help Callie.

Charmed, Iím Sure is a delightfully funny and enchanting tale of two mismatched people finding love and going on an adventure. I thought Callie was a wonderful heroine she was very quirky and eccentric, and a breath of fresh air after all the doubts David had about witchcraft and his uncle being a dog. At first David came off as a real jerk! Putting Callie down ever chance he got just because she didnít believe or act the same way he did, but after he accepted the fact that his uncle was indeed a dog, he become a different person that I really started to like. This book had me laughing out loud many times especially when David and Callie set out to reverse the spell and have many misadventures along the way. I also loved all the secondary characters Callie`s very sassy and out spoken roommate Linelle, Callie`s Aunt Agnes and Aunt Lollie, and last but not least Uncle Sy/Sparky.

Ms.Ireland penned a very magical story, with a very surprising twist at the end that will have readers doubled over in laughter to say the least this a definite keeper.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Ronica.

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