by Christina Dodd

September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-451-22813-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

Centuries ago when the world was young, twins were born. One was light and good, the other dark and wickedness. Descended from them came the ones known as The Chosen. These powerful beings keep the order of things on earth between good and bad, and the ultimate battle of the never ending conflict is about to begin….

Brilliant librarian/scholar Rosamund Hill has lived in denial of the fable of The Chosen. A legend her parents died while trying to unravel the secrets of. Buried in her lab amongst ancient texts and writings of these beings leaves a skeptical Rosamund even more confused when erotically handsome Native American Aaron Eagle shows up, begging for her help.

Aaron whisks the ugly duckling Rosamund on a journey to find the secrets that will unlock his past and help Aaron and Rosamund find their destiny. Aaron senses the inner beauty of Rosmaund Hill and knows he must make her his. In their quest together that will take Aaron and Rosamund to the far corners of the world, they will unlock long buried secrets and find true love when the Storm of Shadows awakens their passion.

Christina Dodd gets reader’s adrenaline flowing with Storm of Shadows the next chapter in her paranormal series The Chosen Ones. The first one Storm of Visions was such a sluggish disappointment to me. It was with apprehension I began reading this one, but what a surprise...... the series does a 180 degree turnaround and comes out a winner! Rosamund is the typical librarian spinster who wears glasses and frumpish clothes, not at all into hair and makeup. Enter suave and sophisticated Aaron Eagle who thrusts dowdy Rosamund into the haute couture world of Paris fashion. Then the two embark on a trek that will unleash the full extent of Aaron’s power and partially reveal the mystery of how The Chosen must fight their battle. Great job Christina Dodd, my reviewer hat is blown off with Storm of Shadows!

Reviewed in August 2009 by Bonnie.

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