by Beverly Brandt

May 2003
ISBN: 0-312-98422-7
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Katya Morgan grew up with the best things that money could buy. When Katya was ten her mother died and unable to bear the death of his beloved wife and the fact that his daughter looked so much like her Katyaís father almost immediately shipped her off to a boarding school. So money and the things that it can buy is all Katya really has in her life, as she has never really known love.

Alex Sheridan is the hardworking general manager of the prestigious Royal Palmetto hotel in Scottsdale Arizona. Alex has worked hard to make the hotel into one of the premier places to stay in the area. Alex has enjoyed growing up with a very close family. He has his mother, grandmother and four sisters so he is well versed in dealing with women. Alex sees himself as a protector and looks out for the women in his life.

Katya has returned to Scottsdale for her fatherís funeral. He has died rather suddenly from cancer, the same disease that claimed her mother. Soon after the funeral at the reading of her fatherís will Katya finds herself completely disinherited. The will stipulates that she be given nothing. Blaming her stepmother Jillian for this Katya vows to fight the will. She returns to the Royal Palmetto where she has been staying only to find out that her credit cards have been cancelled and she has no where to go.

Kindhearted Alex offers her a job at the hotel as a maid no less. These two very different people soon start seeing each other in a whole new light. Can two people with very different value systems and upbringing see past this to what really makes up a person and build a future together? You will have to pick up a copy of the book to find out for sure.

With Room Service Ms. Brandt turns her writing in a more serious direction as compared to her previous lighthearted works. While one might think that the heroine Katya Morgan is just another spoiled rich girl, Ms. Brandt writes the character in such a way that she is likeable and quickly earns the sympathy of the reader. This is a girl that despite being rich has never known love because when tragedy struck she was pushed away by the person who should have cared the most about her. She has grown up alone and learned not to care for anyone too much because eventually they just leave you.

Alex is written as a hero who feels the need to look out for the weaker sex. He has been doing it for as long as he can remember, keeping his mother and sisters safe from less than perfect men in their lives. Alex feels the need to take care of Katya too even if she is what he considers a spoiled brat. Can he see past his initial view of her to the kind of person she really is?

With Room Service Ms. Brandt creates an emotional story that has the reader turning pages way into the night. She adds a bit of mystery as someone is also trying to sabotage the hotel it seems. This added an extra twist to the story as the reader is also trying to figure out who is behind these events and why. Secondary characters also helped to add an additional depth to the story especially Inez, one of Alexís sisters and Daisy the dog who was priceless. Ms. Brandt has penned another winner.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Barbara.

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