by Hannah Howell

May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8217-7430-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lady Sorcha Hay is determined to get her brother back from the hated English. They have captured and are now ransoming him, and she has no idea how she is going to get the money until she “rescues” Sir Ruari Kerr. She sees his fine clothing and nice physique and figures she can ransom him back to his kinsmen.

Sir Ruari Kerr is grateful for being rescued until Sorcha informs him she is going use him to get the money she needs for her witless brother. And boy is he pissed off. Sorcha finds herself unwillingly attracted to her prisoner, and Ruari finds that his body is beginning to ache for her. They warily enter an agreement to become lovers at least until she gets the ransom, or his family comes to get him. While Ruari cannot keep his hands to himself, he has determined that he needs a wife, not Sorcha.

Sorcha battles with fulfilling her own needs versus meeting the needs of her people. Ruari battles with wanting revenge for being ransomed and wanting to completely posses the woman that holds him prisoner. Can these two overcome their internal conflict to reach forth into their destiny with each other.

My Lady Captor is a pretty good read, however I am a bit disappointed in this story. Usually Hannah Howell develops all parts of her story. She didn't this time. The under story of the Englishman wanting Sorcha fell flat. When I was finished with this story, I felt something was missing. It was still humorous and romantic, but the fullness of the plot was sorely lacking from its usual greatness. I am normally the cheerleader for her books, but today I am just the pep squad.

Reviewed in September 2009 by Lakisha.

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