by Anya Howard

May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2880-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

Gillian is a struggling art student with a waitress job she hates. On the surface she appears to be like any other working student, but at her core lays a passion so deep and so hungry she fears she may be consumed by her need to be dominated and made to submit to the whims of her lover. She has had her eye on this prison guard, but she has been too afraid to reveal her true desires to him. Afraid of rejection. Then one night while outside of her job, she is offered the opportunity to fulfill every naughty fantasy she has ever had. Every erotic, sexual, girl on girl, boy on girl hunger she has ever thought about will be given to her for one price: her pledge of devotion to pleasure. Letís not ignore this promise was given in the throes of passion, but it is given none the less. This unlocks the doors to all of Gillian's secret passions and she is in for the sensual education of her life.

Bruce Wolff has been living an empty existence, and really does not know what to do about it. Then this archangel appears and tells him what is in the depths of this heart and what his deepest desires are, and offers him a chance to change his entire life. Bruce jumps at the chance and gets to live every man's fantasy: a buffet of sexual interludes.

Bruce and Gillian cross paths again in the world of Nemi, where all sexual participation is expected and even required. She as a Disciple of Pleasure and Bruce as one of the guards. Gillian has to learn the hard way the importance of becoming a submissive and Bruce is learning what glitters is not always gold. Can these two lovers make their paths stick this time around?

Submissive by Anya Howard is wildly sensual and utterly sinful. The story actually starts off good, but then it morphs into a whole other story, and this messes up the whole book. Most of story deals with Gillian as a Disciple of Pleasure, but something near the end of the story, left this reader confused by the switch in the plot. You are not quite sure how it happens. There is one part of the story near the end that could have been left off or even used to create a new story. This book is good until you get to weird plot switch.

Reviewed in August 2009 by Lakisha.

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