by Crystal Jordan

May 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2900-7
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Trade Paperback

The Cruz family is one of the ruling families of the panther prides in the world. Their lineage is ancient but they face extinction of the birth rates in the prides arenít improved. They look human except for the golden sheen their eyes take on when their passions are aroused.

Claim Me

Antonio Cruz takes his place as North American pride leader after a decade in exile. He meets Solana, his mate, in a dark alley and gives in to his passion. She is an outcast, a non-shifting panther, an unacceptable mate for pride leader but she is all he could ask for in a mate. Unless he can convince the pride to accept her they may never be together.

Take Me

Ex-model turned business woman Andrea Cruz left her pride, her family behind when it became clear her worth in the pride was measured by being a member of the ruling family and little else. Called home by her family to attend the birth of the new heir, Andrea encounters her mate Miguel, second in the pride, whose irresistible allure raises painful memories and tests the foundation of her trust.

Need Me

Ricardo and Diego Cruzí wild ways are well known. They do everything together in and out of the bedroom then shy Isabel seeks refuge in their pride and the both claim her as their mate but the threat Isabel ran from has followed her to her new home. To save her mates she is willing to run but they are unwilling to let her go.

On the Prowl will bring out the animal in you. Sexy, fast paced writing will keep you flipping the pages. The Cruz family is an unforgettable group of shifters in an ever expanding paranormal world. They are as human as they are shifter in that emotion and instinct guide them to truth and love. Donít miss out on this intriguing family of shifters.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Cynthia.

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