by Lori Foster

April 2003
ISBN: 0-7582-0428-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Sexy Sam Watson first meets Ariel when his brother Pete brings her home to meet the family and everyone including Sam assumes she is Peteís girlfriend. Sam is attracted to Ariel but there is no way he would risk hurting his brother over any woman. Besides Ariel is twelve years younger than him and just a ďkidĒ in Samís way of thinking.

One night while on an undercover assignment at a local bar to find out who is targeting and robbing those who have had a bit too much alcohol Sam runs into Ariel who comes into the bar dressed to kill. Sam canít figure out why she is in this dive but doesnít want to blow his cover so he leaves pretending to be beyond drunk. The suspect takes the bait and attempts to rob Sam when who should come to his rescue but Ariel. After a struggle among the three the suspect is arrested and Ariel is left with a dress that is torn in some very revealing places.

Sam offers to let Ariel use his place to clean up and fix her dress if she will give him a ride home. She accepts but once they get to Samís place itís clear Ariel has other things on her mind.

Thus begins My House, My Rules by the incomparable Lori Foster. This lead story in the new anthology Bad Boys On Board gets the book off to a rip roaring start and sets a high mark for the other authors to meet. Lori has introduced us to yet another of her delightful family of brothers with Sam, Gil and Pete Watson.

With only 90 pages to work with Ms. Foster has created a very believable scenario with this one. Ms. Foster is known for her sexy heroes and sensuous love scenes and My House, My Rules doesnít disappoint. I am told that readers can expect the stories of Gil and Pete Watson in the near future.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Barbara.

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