by Autumn Dawn

March 2003
ISBN: 1-58608-210-8
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In Something Wild This Way Comes there baaack! The Haunt that is, and a secondary character from the first adventure in Teasing Danger gets his chance in the spotlight.

Andrea is a budding chef, she pays a reluctant visit to her grandmother, and her grandmother tells her sheís dying. Grandma runs off to Tahiti, and leaves Andrea in the capable hands of her supposed caretakers, Mathin and Fallon. But Mathin and Grandma have other plans for Andrea, and they donít include grounds keeping!

Mathin is part of The Haunt, a world separated by a portal from earth, and when he meets Andrea, not only is he wildly attracted to her, but he wants to save her, from her hypoglycemia, and a cult that harbors women with Andreaís particular affliction. In Mathinís world Andreaís affliction is what The Haunt calls a Sylph. A woman Hauntís cannot resist, but thereís more to his attraction for her than just lust, they have nose filters for that for heavens sake (blocking Andreaís intoxicating scent)! Mathin has a premonition, and he plans to have Andrea in his world, come hell or high water, but Mathin and Andrea have many battles to wage before they can be together for all time!

There are many amusing qualities to The Haunt, like the adultery clause, it results in madness, and if you bed 'em, you wed 'em! Haunts are yours for life once youíve mated a desirable trait if you ask this reader! They also remain virgins until they have found their mates, and getting naked is as natural as breathing. Now this Sylph thing a girl could get used to, being desirable to all those unmated males canít be a bad thing, and youíll never find a Sylph alone on a Saturday night! Mathin is the calming force in the midst of the storm that is Andrea; he quietly pursues her while she borderís on hysteria. His presence softened Andreaís rough edges. Andreaís grandmother too will see some changes in her life, and this reader found her circumstances rather humorous!

The characters from the first book like Jasmine for instance, are used as secondary characters. Jasmine is Andreaís sylph guide so to speak, and it was fun to take a peek back to see how she and Keilor were adapting to married life. I do suggest you read the first book, as there is information in this read that will spoil it for you if you donít. This read picked up momentum as it neared the end, but there was no definitive conflict until quite late in the story, and I found that a bit disappointing. This particular saga of the Haunt did however, paint a more detailed picture and that was enjoyable.

For the most part smooth sailing was had in an imaginative setting. Intoxicating desire, exotic and unique locales and aliens from a planet with three moons is Something Wild This Way Comes!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.

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