by Emma Holly

July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22867-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Fearing for his loved ones upyr Edmund Fitz Clare fled his home only to be shot down and taken hostage by two young upyr on a quest to increase their powers. Weakened Edmund must fight his instincts for survival if he is to keep the secret of turning humans into upyr and it is only through his contact with his human fiancée, Estelle, through dreams that Edmund is holding out against temptation.

Graham Fitz Clare is devastated by his part in the abduction of his father and guilt over his feelings for his father’s fiancée will drive him to great lengths to get his father back. Graham must also keep his secret from the daughter of his former boss, Penelope Anderson, who is determined to stick her nose in his family’s business regardless of their lack of appreciation. But not even Graham’s irritation with Pen or his feelings for Estelle will be enough to stand in the way of his baffling attraction to Pen.

Breaking Midnight is a fantastic read that keeps one’s temperature at a steady boil. It is great to see that Estelle and Edmund’s bond is so strong that not even distance can separate them. Graham’s sacrifice for his father is marvelous and his relationship with Pen is one that I can’t wait to see develop. I find it heart touching that Edmund’s children and fiancée are all willing to do what’s necessary to get him back. It is Emma Holly’s ability to create such tantalizing characters and stories that has long made her a favorite of mine. And this second installment in the Fitz Clare Chronicles has only reaffirmed my enjoyment to Emma Holly’s work.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Claudia.

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