by AlTonya Washington

April 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-407-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

Dominique Salem has the perfect life. She is a beautiful, intelligent woman who has a successful career as a television reporter. Her husband is the extraordinarily handsome Trinidad Salem, the CEO of a thriving and highly regarded financial investment firm. When a secret from Dominique’s past comes to light and shatters the marriage, the shallowness of perfection becomes all too clear.

Trying to find a way to save her marriage, Dominique flees town and ends up aboard a plane destined to crash. When the plane crashes and Dominique is believed to be dead, Trinidad is devastated, not only from the loss of his wife, but also from the thought that his last words were unkind.

Dominique is still alive but suffering from amnesia. She can remember very little about her past. Only time will bring back her memory. But can time heal old wounds? When Trinidad and Dominique meet again will remembering love be enough to save their marriage?

As far as editing goes, this book was well prepared. Though the setting details were at times too elaborate and repetitive, the sentences flowed smoothly, and the dialogue was nicely executed. Sounds like a great story, huh? Did I even mention the story? Go to the worst side of town where the houses have been ignored and are totally dilapidated. Throw a fresh coat of the nicest paint you can find on one of those houses. Guess what? It’s still a raggedy old house.

That’s sort of how I felt after forcing myself to read Remember Love. This story did not sit well with me. The first chapter of the book was decent. From there, it was all down hill, and at a hectic pace. I have never wanted to finish a book so badly.

The lead characters and their relationship were pitiful. Dominique and her husband supposedly had this heavenly marriage based on a love which all their friends and family commented on, way too much for my benefit, yet I got the feeling the marriage was based more on sexual attraction than any real fondness for each other.

And what kind of person gets married before sharing her life in great detail with the person she is about to marry? Dominique blew me away with this. I just kept thinking what a stupid woman. I began to wish she had actually died on that plane.

Trinidad? His temper was not his only flaw. I also thought he was offensive and vulgar as a person. He seemed to place his needs before Dominique’s. But then again, I can’t complain. They were both so rotten they deserved each other.

This is my problem with this book. You’re supposed to like the characters, especially the leads. How can you enjoy the story if you care more about watching the paint dry on your toenails than you do about finishing the book? You can’t.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Natasha.

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