by Elizabeth Doyle

March 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7470-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback


Cassandra Madison’s time is dedicated to running the family estate and keeping them from the poorhouse. While her mother feigns illness and her father spends his time with his mistress, Cassie is left to keep the creditors from the door.

Cassie’s life is thrown into turmoil when she is framed for a murder she did not commit. With her family turning their back on her, Cassie is sent to Australia as a convict. After a terrifying journey Cassie is assigned to work for Doctor Malcolm Rutherford.

From his first glance at Cassie with her brilliant red hair and emerald green eyes Malcolm is immediately drawn to her. But Malcolm, being an ex-convict himself, has his own dark demons to deal with. Could anyone possibly love him for who he really is?

Cassie had never seen a more handsome man in her life. Malcolm’s kindness and warm heart begin to melt Cassie’s heart from the start. As the weeks go by their closeness deepens and love blooms. For the first time in her life Cassie can see the rose that she had dreamt of.

But with dark forces at work, is Cassie really out of danger?

I would definitely recommend this book. All the characters in the book were completely life-like with their complex personalities and thoughts. As human beings we are not always rational with our thoughts and actions, and this was portrayed beautifully in the book.

I liked the way that Cassie did not realise how pretty that she was, she hated her red hair, but Malcolm loved it!

The lovemaking scenes were like no other that I have read. It was refreshing to find that Malcolm's psychological thoughts and the mind games that he played during love making, outweighed the physical passion of the moment.

The only downside that I found was that I had to keep reminding myself that this book was set in 1823, but that was a small price to pay for a wonderfully written piece of art!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Beccy.

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