by Elizabeth Jewell

April 2003
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Annabeth Collinworth and her 5 sisters are identical except she was born with a little something extra. After their mothersí death, their father, in his grief, locked them away from the world to protect them. What he didnít know was that he was leaving them open for an even worse fate.

Patrick Fitzcairn is a private investigator that has been hired by their father, Mr. Collinworth, to find out how his daughters were able to leave the locked and heavily guarded estate every night and return by dawn without setting off any alarms. Fitz is the only one with the special skills needed to solve the riddle of the escaping princesses. None of the sisters is aware of what Annabeth has had to endure to assure their safety and well-being. With Fitzís help, they just might have a chance.

This is a retelling of the old fairy tale about the 6 Dancing Princesses. Instead of sneaking out to dance all night, these ladies are sneaking out to have sex with whomever they can in as many ways as they can in the fairy realm. In the ten years since the death of their mother, the girls have not left the estate; no dates, no movies, no friends, no sleepovers and no chance to live a normal life.

Ms. Jewell has written an enchanting story. Fitz and Annabeth are strong, determined people who have not given up. They both still believe that love and compassion will ultimately triumph. I was definitely rooting for them. With fairies, sprites, orgies and six girls who just want to have fun, I think you will enjoy this story very much. I know I did.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Carolyn.

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