by C. J. Love

August 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8034-9966-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Avalon Books

Katie Thomas has no idea why people are asking her if she remembers where she put the money. What money? She has a case of amnesia, she was in a stagecoach coming to be with her brother, she does not remember the robbery or even killing someone, but there she was covered in blood and holding a pistol and the sheriff not believing her. Sheriff Murphy was looking forward to retiring. He was tired of keeping the piece and hauling drunks to his jail. Now all that will continue because his replacement was one of the people killed in the robbery, and he is dealing with Katie, the sister of his best friend, and he knows Katie is lying, how can she not remember what happened, he caught her red-handed, while she was running from him.

Katie has to convince Murphy and others she does not have money which was taken from the bank. She knows she appears guilty and she can not explain why some unsavory characters are tracking her down to get the goods. Murphy and Katie are drawn to each other, but neither one trusts the other, they will have to come to some sort of agreement until Katie can remember and before the robbers make her forget forever.

What a great read. The characters jump off the pages of the book, right into the readers home. Romance, mystery, and laughter come together with a unexpected ending. Don�t miss this novel by a talented author, C. J. Love, she knows what readers expect in historical settings and does not disappoint.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Pat.

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