by Alexis Morgan

August 2009
ISBN: 978-1416563440
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

The Kyth, an ancient race of mutated humans with special powers and senses, are once again faced with a renegade. Recently a renegade murdered Kyth grand dame Judith, and Talion (an elite warrior Kyth) Sandor Kearn was forced to destroy a long time friend, a battle Sandor is still reeling from. Once a Kyth turns renegade, and begins attacking defenseless humans, the sentence according to their ancient laws is death!

Arson investigator Lena Wilson has returned to Seattle to try to bring her mentor, Fire Marshal Maynard Cooper’s killer to justice. All her life Lena has hidden a dark secret, her ability to “see” impressions of past events. Unaware that she carries Kyth DNA, Lena finds herself at the home of the Thorsens who were key in Coop’s investigation of a nightclub fire that led to his murder. Watching and following the darkly handsome man that comes and goes from the Thorsen’s mansion, Lena is caught off guard when he quickly turns the tables and grabs and erotically kisses her! An uneasy alliance is formed and a hunt begins for the evil that is plundering the innocent of Seattle. Sandor Kearn is a Dark Warrior Unbroken. Sandor will protect his lady, has sworn his loyalty to his Dame and fellow Talions, but Sandor knows it is time to bring his people into the new millennium!

Book two in the multifaceted Talion paranormal series by best-selling author Alexis Morgan is Sandor Kearn’s story, Dark Warrior Unbroken which picks up right where book one Dark Warrior Unleashed let off. Sandor is guilt ridden over his having to bring a violent end to his friend turned renegade. Becoming new dame Kerry’s chief enforcer now that Ranulf has married her, makes Sandor uneasy. When Sandor first encounters Lena Wilson he immediately recognizes her Kyth powers. Lena is surprised to find out what she really is, and won’t turn her back on humanity. Persuading Sandor to see from her perspective doesn’t help their already shaky romance. Some things about Dark Warrior Unbroken left me hanging. I would have liked to have had more background information on Sandor. Exactly how old is he, where did he originally come from, does he have family? There are way too many vague points in the book, but still makes for a quick and exciting read.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Bonnie.

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