by Autumn Dawn

December 2002
ISBN: 1-58608-068-7
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Ride the Stars is an adventure into the futuristic world of two people who are as diverse as they are in love.

Jaide Calanarre and her friend Sesame have been kidnapped by the dreaded Draconians. The Draconians want Jaide and Sesame to soup up their ship. Jaide needs the cash from this job badly, her druggie brother has left her in a financial bind with no credit, and he stole her ship. One Draconian in particular finds Jaide incredibly attractive, and he intends to not only have her, but help her with some pesky creditors. Jaideís world is about to change drastically, and Jaide fights it, kicking and screaming.

Skye Dírath canít help himself where Jaide is concerned; heís determined to reach the feisty mechanics inner workings, but heís going to have his hands full. Jaide holds a grudge, and sheís about as appealing as a tornado in Kansas, but behind the tough exterior lies a woman who just wants to be loved. However she has a cure for her attraction to Skye, a futuristic tea called Seti, that suppresses desire, and just makes Skyeís quest that much more difficult. The couple has trouble on the way, in many different forms. Can Skye convince Jaide that a Draconianís life is for her?

Good heavenís, Jaide is one angry lady, and I wouldnít be honest if I didnít say all of her snarling and tough talk wore me down after a time. I felt myself cringe nearly every time she spoke to anyone. I realize she had a tough life, but instead of appreciating the finer things coming her way, she created what she called negative space, and she also created a negativity for the reader that I couldnít seem to warm up to. I might have liked her more with a quiet inner strength rather than so much outward rage. She was, however a handy girl; I mean how many women do you know who can augment a space ship, not to mention fly one faster than you can say the speed of light?

Skyeís quiet determination is a blessing within the storm that is Jaide. Credit is due a man who can rein in a woman as volatile as his hearts desire! I did enjoy many neat things along the course of this read. I wasnít stirred much by their romantic relationship, Jaideís strong personality didnít lend credibility to her sensual side.

Unique facets the authorís imagination whipped up were great fun. Draconians have many remedies for just about anything you can imagine, and some of the futuristic aspects were a lot of fun! They also have some pretty fascinating qualities to their genetic makeup that youíll have to read for yourself.

Love and desire burn a path through the Milky Way in Ride the Stars.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.

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