by Jacquelyn Frank

July 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0423-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Jacquelyn Frank's imagination has given us new insights into the world of Nightwalkers. In her new series, she has introduced us to a completely new species, called Shadowdwellers. These beings, sensitive to light in any form, travel the realms of shade and dreams, and live underground where humanity does not dwell.

In the first book of the trilogy, we met Trace, vizier to the royal court. In the second book, Rapture, his foster father, Magnus, must move beyond the terrible betrayal of his consort and resume his role as High Priest. He cannot do this alone. Tradition and faith demand that he take another handmaiden. He has discovered her in his dreams. Now all he has to do is find her in reality.

Treated like chattel for many years, forced to endure torture and slavery, Daenaira never imagined that she would escape her aunt and uncle's stranglehold. Then suddenly, one day she is sold and brought to the city of Sanctuary. Anticipating the worst, she lashes out at those who hold her in bondage until she comes face to face with her new master a priest more powerful than even his own mythology.

Magnus is enraged to learn about her treatment by her family. He did not purchase a slave, but paid a bride price for a handmaiden. What he received was a near-feral wildcat of a woman who has neither faith or culture. She is more warrior than woman. Is this what the gods wanted? Is she the one who will stand by his side as he seeks out the rest of the traitors? Can he trust her?

To say that their relationship is tested is an understatement. Both Magnus and Dae have many issues to conquer. Learning that they are stronger together than alone is the most important one. Passion can be instantaneous, but love takes time and trust.

Rapture continues to reveal the Shadowdwellers' unusual lifestyle. With some similarities to Indian or Asian cultures, it is an imaginative world, where religion and duty clash with physical needs and desires. Readers will see the broader plot as it is revealed through the course of the novel. This thread of conspiracy and murder will carry us through the final book in the trilogy.

Reviewed in June 2009 by Paula.

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