by Mlyn Hurn

April 2003
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Blood Dreams mixes a vampire hunter with her prey, and a long history of vampires is revealed.

AnnaBelle Blue is a vampire hunter, from a long line of vampire hunters. When her Uncle Fauster calls, asking her to come to New York she obliges, and sets out to attend a seminar on Vampire Legend, take pictures of the attendees and split. AnnaBelle has a keen seventh sense and can detect vampires; she is the perfect candidate to try out her uncle’s new film that identifies vampires by their aura.

Iain Dampier, Ph.D., is the guest speaker - his mission is to debunk the existence of vampires, and quite simply he denies their existence. However Iain has a little secret…

Iain Dampier is, in reality, a vampire. When he spots AnnaBelle in the crowd, he is immediately attracted to her. AnnaBelle’s keen vampire senses are on the blink, while attracted to Iain too, she does not make his vampire connection. Nor does Iain make the connection with AnnaBelle’s last name; her uncle is renowned in the vampire world as a hunter, and Iain knows it. Iain has secrets, and when AnnaBelle’s uncle goes missing her life becomes anything but quiet!

This was not one of the more typical vampire reads I’ve had. It was much more serious in terms of true vampire lore, filled with facts about their beginnings. While I enjoy a vampire tale a great deal, I didn’t feel the characters as strongly, especially Iain. He was a bit bland and nondescript from time to time, and he also made a move or two that I found a bit disappointing. Vampires evoke, in this reader's mind, power and unmatched sexual prowess, and I didn’t feel that from Iain. I would like to say that was because AnnaBelle was the stronger of the two, but she too, was very similar in temperament to Iain. I would have liked to see more tension between the two, a more vividly depicted contrast if you will, in the differences between them. I just didn’t get excited over them alone or as a couple. It could just be this reader likes more conflict with her vampires.

That said, I found the information given intriguing, the author did her research well. If you are a vampire fan there are many facts I was unaware of, which will keep your thirst for vampire knowledge satisfied.

An easy read with a fun premise is Blood Dreams!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.

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