by Lucy Monroe

June 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2917-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Mykola Chernichenko has a job to do and that is protecting his sister and discovering what is putting her in danger in the first place. He is very surprised that it is the work of Dr. Lana Ericson that is causing such trouble. Her scientific experiments are catching the notice of a very dangerous South American drug cartel. Suddenly this genius scientist is the focus of a very bad group…again.

Myk did not know what to expect of Lana but it certainly was not the curvy beauty who spoke without thinking and who set his body on fire. But Myk has to keep his mind sharp because the action surrounding Lana, and his sister, is getting more dangerous. “Accidents” have been happening to his sister. He does not want to see her hurt, but he is also coming to realize seeing Lana hurt would be just as painful.

Lana has no desire to be surrounded by protection twenty-four hours a day. She just wants to live her life. She has already had one terrible captive situation but Myk swears he will keep her safe. But as she gets to know the intelligent and passionate agent, will she lose her heart to him?

Watch Over Me is a pleasant read. Despite the supposed action and Myk’s spy status, this book is fairly boring overall. There is almost too much talk and not enough action. Page after page of the discussion of the drug cartel, followed by pages of Lana’s scientific experiments bog down the growing attraction. Lucy Monroe is at her best when she focuses on Myk and Lana’s blossoming relationship, but it is very broken up by all the talk of having to protect Lana and keep her experiments out of the hands of the villains. I found myself skimming large chunks of this story to try to get back to the characters’ burgeoning relationship.

There is too much talk and description to ever be able to get to know the characters past anything but a superficial level. While the romance is steamy, it is not very deep because the connection between Myk and Lana is rather well, disconnected.

Watch Over Me is not a bad story, but it is definitely not the best out there in the romance market right now.

Reviewed in May 2009 by Sarah.

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