by Marie Harte

March 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59632-901-0
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Derrick Packard is one of the strongest members of the Circe “genetically altered persons who posses increased sensory abilities”. He feels somewhat lonely in the world. Every woman that he loved turned their back on him when he became Circe, causing him to have a low threshold for trust. Now he has to locate a woman that worked in the branch that turned him into this unlovalble monster. He dreads being around another female, no matter how enticing she is.

Sabrina Torrance is running for her life. The government agents of the PPA are out to get her because she knows that secret scientific tests being down on human beings. In fact, the more she runs the more she realizes she was one of the test specimens.

Derrick and Sabrina meet and they cannot resist the connection (sexual and emotional) that they feel for each other. When she escapes, Derrick vows to screw her into submission, and she refuses to succumb to the passion that is so evidently between them.

Circe Recruits: Derrick is a good read. It is exciting and intriguing. You will be enthralled as the story unfolds, and characters become apart of you. Both Derrick and Sabrina are proud, strong characters that are brought down by their love for each other. Harte creates erotica that tantalizes the senses and boggles the mind. All her characters are sultry and make you want to be in the story.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Lakisha.

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