by Amarinda Jones

March 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4199-2061-5
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Augusta “Rowdy” Lawrence is dreading her thirtieth birthday because that is when the curse kicks in. Or so the letter her mother left her to read when she turned sixteen read. She has been avoiding relationships all of her life until she meets “hot” Argon Cardissan, “the Grand Poobah of spellbinders”. He is sex on a platter and she is running for her life to stay away from his hot, tempting body.

Then he appears her apartment with heat in his eyes and delectable sin on his mind. Rowdy knew he was coming, but she was not prepared for all the times he would make her come. Argon claims Rowdy with his touch, mouth, and more. Then he puts a ring on her finger, but little does she know a Cardissans' ring placed on the finger means they are married for life.

To add to the complication, some nut job wants the power that she posseses, which by the way has been laying dormant forever because guess what? Rowdy is a all-powerful witch. Can life get anymore complicated? Yes. The nut job has made a deal with the demons of Hell to usurp her power, and has made a deal with a pack of zombies to turn Argon over to them in order for them to feast on his immortal flesh.

Rowdy and Argon have a lot of oppositions to overcome before they can bask in aura of each other's lust and love.

Rowdy is a contradiction of sorts. While the story is good, the writing leaves much to be desired. There was a lot of repetition within the dialogue. Also, Rowdy whines too much throughout the story. Even when she accepts who she is, she yet whines. What also makes this story a good read is the sex scenes. Ooooh baby, talk about your soaking wet panties. You will enjoy.

Reviewed in March 2009 by Lakisha.

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