by Lisa Jackson

March 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-6936-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

In the sultry southern town of Savannah, Caitlyn Montgomery wakes up one morning feeling dizzy and disoriented, only to discover herself virtually covered in blood. It looks like someone was massacred in her home, but there is no one there! She has a fuzzy recollection of a horrific nightmare, and when the police come knocking on her door, the nightmare begins to take real form. They tell her about her estranged husband Josh’s supposed suicide. Caitlyn is terrified out of her mind, thinking that she’d finally succumbed to the dreaded Montgomery curse like some of her other ancestors, and killed her sleazeball of a husband during one of her periodic bouts of blackouts. Growing more and more paranoid and petrified by the hour, she desperately tries to contact her twin sister Kelly on whom she’d always relied on for support and advice. Surprisingly enough, Kelly doesn’t respond.

Detective Reed is certain that Caitlyn had some involvement in Josh’s murder and he’s determined to build such a watertight case that not even the Montgomery influence in Savannah can get Caitlyn off the hook. With the police hounding her, the press harassing her and her family being its usual pitying and unhelpful self, Caitlyn desperately craves help. But her shrink Dr. Rebecca Wade is not be found and in her place is the handsome new psychologist Adam Hunt. Against his ethics, Adam finds himself deeply attracted to his new patient, but he tries to help Caitlyn…...or does he? Is Caitlyn a killer? Read Lisa Jackson’s latest chilling tale to find out!

Fans of Lisa Jackson are well used to her complicated plots filled to the brim with dead bodies, and gruesome tales of murder and death. This book has all this and more! Not for the faint-hearted, The Night Before has a deeply intricate plot which twists and turns and complicates matters most utterly, and all the while proceeding at a breakneck speed. The superb mystery which is at the heart of this story, is very difficult to solve and this adds spice to the suspense and is bound to delight not just die-hard mystery addicts but everybody else too. Master of suspense, author Lisa Jackson scatters deceptive clues galore and deviously winds the story in the story in such a manner that at the end of the story the readers will be surprised to find that at one time or the other, they’ve suspected virtually every single character in the book to be the culprit! As any mystery lover knows, this is not an easy thing for an author to do, but Ms. Jackson makes it seem so effortless and in book after book, that it not only makes her every book a total joy to read, but also reveals her consummate skills as a writer. There is also some romance in the book, and it plays a small but vital role in the plot. However there is plenty of sexual tension which, along with the sultry southern setting, is sure to raise the overall temperature of this bloodcurdling mystery.

To sum up – This is book is energetic, moving and absolutely sensational!

Note : Keep a look out for the sequel of this hair-raising book, titled The Morning After coming out in March 2004!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Rashmi.

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