by Patricia Briggs

August 2009
ISBN: 978-0-441-01738-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Ace Books
Mass Market Paperback

This second full length book in the Alpha and Omega series continues with the lives of werewolves Anna and Charles. Being mated has provided Anna with a certain sense of protection, but shes still dealing with the aftermath of abuse from her first pack. Still new to her relationship shes also learning what it means to be mate.

Anna and Charles are sent to Seattle to present to other packs the idea of going public to the humans. He knows going in that there are several factions that have no desire to let the humans learn of their existence. With a Fae to mediate the proceedings, Charles hopes the other weres will control themselves. However he soon realizes that Anna is in danger but from whom he has no idea.

While shopping with Tom and Moira, (who were recently introduced in a short story in the Strange Brew anthology) Anna is set upon by several vampires. Charles is forced to enlist the aid of the weres he feels he can most trust, because he will do absolutely anything to keep his mate safe.

Throughout this fast paced story, Anna learns more about her role as an Omega, and slowly becomes stronger. Charles shows an amazing amount of patience and understanding with her and its a joy to watch as their relationship deepens.

Reviewed in August 2009 by Jackie.

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