by Autumn Dawn

August 2002
ISBN: 1-58608-353-8
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Teasing Danger had me looking at a trip to Alaska with whole new perspective!

When Jasmine sets out on a search for her friend Wiley in Alaska, it begins with her thinking Wiley is just having some fun. Wiley isnít toying with Jasmine, and this time the game is more serious than Jasmine thinks. Dark falls and Jasmine sets up camp, only to be found by a pretty strange guy and hauled off into the night with the pretense that this man knows where her friend is. He knows where Wiley is alright, and Wiley isnít Wiley, but Lady Rihilia. Lost to her parents as a child Wiley grew up with Jasmine in foster homes, but now her true people The Haunt, have come to claim her, and it gets a bit stickyÖ

Keilor is the scary guy who drags Jasmine off to his part of the world, where three moons rise every night, and Jasmine is considered a temptress of sorts! The Haunt doesnít trust Jasmine enough to send her back to her world, so they keep her. With the premise that she will be a consoling friend to their newly found Rihilia, and they donít want Jasmine bringing in the National Guard to wreak havoc! Then thereís Jasmineís little problem on this new planetÖ

Keilor canít resist Jasmine; she is, after all what his people call a Sylph. Meaning all unmated men find Jasmine simply irresistible (itís a pheromone thing I think!) and all the unmated males are vying for Jasmine, including the very rough around the edges, Keilor. He fights the inevitable, but is it just that Jasmine is a Sylph, or does it run deeper? And what about Jasmine, does she want to stay on this strange planet where her closest friend has suddenly found a whole new family of aliens?

I had an interesting time with this story. I found the world the author created incredibly imaginative in premise. There were so many avenues to take while Jasmine discovered her new surroundings, and who wouldnít want to be irresistible to so many men? Jasmine was a feisty one, a bit too feisty. Duly noted was the fact that Jasmine was raised primarily in foster care, explaining her fierce independence, but she could be abrasive at times, rather than seeking the comfort of, at the very least, her friend Wiley. Jasmine fought tooth and nail about nearly everything, and there was a time or two it took away from the story. However, Keilor and Jasmine together were a fiery mass of contradictions, fighting one minute, and lusting after one another the next! The eventual tournament that arises after so many suitors come calling for Jasmine is flat out hysterical! A big sigh was heard from this reader as she contemplated hordes of men lining up with their battle gear to win my heart! There were many delightful nuances to be had in this read, some youíll just have to discover yourself!

Aliens, tough women with backbones of steel, and plenty of adventure to be had is Teasing Danger!

Reviewed in April 2003 by Connie.

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