by Lisa Marie Rice

August 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-120861-4
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Trade Paperback

Victor “Drake” Drakovich is a deadly man. He has immense wealth, vast power, and has no compunction about killing people. To his enemies, he seems to have no weaknesses. But there is someone who has realized his one weakness and is set on exploiting it for revenge.

Artist Grace Larsen is beautiful and talented. When Drake sees her work, he knows he has been changed forever. He wants her but knows he cannot have her. Her ethereal beauty does not belong in his world, so he watches from afar and buys up every piece of art she creates.

Everything changes however when Grace is innocently involved in an attempt to kill Drake at her art gallery. When they are both injured, Drake takes her into his world where there really are no good guys. Grace has no experience with a man like Drake. He should be a bad guy, a terrible person, but what she finds instead is a very lonely man who has long given up on love and hope. Their enforced isolation, while the hunt for the traitor continues, may just prove to be Drake’s ultimate undoing.

Dangerous Passion is intense and sexy. Drake almost seems like a villain at first. He is definitely not your typical good guy, romance hero. He has a dark past, a darker present, and has no plans to change. But his one ray of pure goodness is his lust for Grace. It turns into more but it is definitely lust to begin with. Drake and Grace have a very intense and dramatic connection from the very first time they meet. Being shot will do that of course, but it is the heroics of Drake and Grace’s realization that she is in over her head that make a tough situation even more difficult.

The passion is rife in this story. Grace and Drake use sex to ease a scary situation but it also brings them closer together. Lisa Marie Rice makes her male characters so strong, so formidable that it can be tough for the female characters to hold their own, but Grace has a strong enough presence in this story.

Dangerous Passion is certainly going to satisfy Lisa Marie Rice’s fans and will get her some new fans too. Drake is thrilling and chilling!

Reviewed in August 2009 by Sarah.

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