by Karen Marie Moning

August 2009
ISBN: 978-0-385-34165-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Delacorte Press

Mac is back in Karen Marie Moningís newest book in her Fever series. When readers last left our courageous protagonist, she was fighting off the advances of the Unseelie Princes. Now, she is left Pri-ya, a human addicted to Fae sex. Mac cannot fight nor do anything except give in to her lust. She is rescued by teenage sidhe seer, Dani, and brought to safety. But things are about to get even more complicated before they get better, starting with curing Mac of her addiction to Fae sex.

This is another heart-racing, nonstop action story in the Fever series. Karen Marie Moning does not let up on the intensity. Mac is definitely in a race against time. The walls between Fae and human have fallen and havoc is being wreaked across Dublin. No one is safe and there does not seem to be anyone who can stop the destruction.

Barrons continues to hold his secrets close to his chest while Mac tries to wrench what she can out of him. Theirs is a continued clash of wills but the attraction is finally on, full force. Itís not a romantic type of attraction, but amongst the fighting in the city and the quest to find the book, Mac and Barrons definitely start to really battle their feelings for each other.

The war continues to rage and I cannot wait to see how it will play out. Will the Lord Master get his hands on the Sinsar Dubh before Mac? Will she finally find out what happened to her beloved sister? Karen Marie Moning continues to keep her fans on tenterhooks! You will not want to miss this new installment to the Fever series, thatís for sure.

Reviewed in November 2009 by Sarah.

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