by Julianne MacLean

August 2000
ISBN: 0-373-291-264
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #526
Mass Market Paperback

Ever thought of becoming a mail-order bride? Well, Sarah MacFarland didnít until she saw the ad in the paper. She knew it was an answer to her prayers. It wasnít as if she couldnít find a husband with her looks; raven black hair, brown eyes and petite. She might be small but her strength is to be commended, not only her physical strength but mentally as well.

Arthur Brigman, known as Briggs, placed the ad in the paper for a mail-order bride only three months after his broken engagement, when his fiancťe ran off with someone else. He needed help with the farm so he thought he would get the help he needed and not become emotionally involved with his new bride. But things didnít work out that way. Briggs is a big man, rough looking on the outside but with a gentle and kind heart.

Briggs and Sarah both were hiding secrets and past hurts from each other. Sure they didnít know each other to begin with, with only one letter from each of them to the other. But as the weeks went by they both began to trust each other, that is until something came between them. Well more than just something - it was a problem from Sarahís past that she thought she had left behind when she left Boston. But it followed her to Dodge City. Not only does Sarah have her problem to deal with along with Briggs, but Briggs is also faced with a slight problem as well from his past.

Can the misunderstandings and the problems be worked out? Can this couple that didnít know each other before they were married have a future together?

Prairie Bride is the first published book by Julianne MacLean and what a way to enter the romance community! The story had me spellbound from the beginning; I couldnít wait to see what was going to happen next! She gives us glimpses of how Sarah and Briggs feel about each other, what they are thinking and feeling and the turmoil they go through to get the issues resolved.

I can see now why she is an auto buy for many readers and they are anticipating her upcoming releases. If you like historicals, then donít pass up anything by Julianne MacLean. If you want to branch out into historicals then give her stories a try. You wonít be disappointed.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Pam.

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