by Denise Blocklinger, Karen K Litscher, Cindy Kohlmann, Donna Welch, & Rose Onufrak

May 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-373-X
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Written by Denise Blocklinger, To Touch a Rainbow is the first story in this fine anthology. Gabriel Nauman has always been satisfied with his life as a bachelor farmer. That is until widow Adelaide Sommers and her three children move in next door. Now he has to convince himself that the reason he is over so much is simply because he’s being a good neighbor. He’s certainly not falling in love.

In Karen Litscher’s, When the Heart Calls, you’ll meet spirited Teresa O’Riley and her stubborn fellow Connnor McGavin. Connor has returned home from the war with an injury, which has left him with a permanent limp. Consumed by self-pity, he tries to push everyone away, including Teresa. Will Connor realize that love sees no deformities, only the heart?

Destiny is the third story, and it is penned by Cindy Kohlmann. Divorced Beth MacAndrews has come to Destiny Iowa to find some answers about her son who has recently died. In learning the truth about him, she’ll rediscover herself and find love and a new beginning.

The choice to become a nun is a difficult one. It’s a decision Amanda Harding will make in Donna Welch’s Sacred Vows. Will Amanda dedicate her life to God and service or will she give her heart to the handsome doctor who has touched her with his sincerity and kindness?

Hot off the press! Small Town News by Rose Onufrak. Hildy Parrish has been in love with Ben McDonald for more years than she has fingers. The trouble is Ben sees Hildy only as his best friend and partner of the town’s only newspaper, but Hildy has had enough. It’s time to take a stand. A new hairstyle, makeup, and a revealing fashion style, and Ben will never know what’s hit him.

Prairie Hearts is a lovely collection of smile raising tales. I especially enjoyed To Touch a Rainbow and Small Town News, but all of the stories were entertaining.

Denise Blocklinger’s writing style lured me in immediately. I was so touched I wanted it to rain so I could search for my own rainbow.

In Hildy Parrish, Rose Onufrak created a heroine for every woman who has ever had to lead her man to his own socks. A huge grin covered my face the entire time I read Small Town News.

Of all the stories, Destiny was my least favorite. I was not drawn into it as much as I was by the other stories. Though it was an absorbing narrative, the characters did not pull me into their lives. I felt like an outsider peering into a stranger’s world. Even with that brief disappointment, I still enjoyed the uniqueness of Cindy Kohlmann’s plot.

All things considered, Prairie Hearts will make a delightful addition to your collection of romance anthologies.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Natasha.