by Rachel Vincent

July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2681-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Faythe Sanders is part of the team escorting Manx for her hearing. She volunteered for the assignment because it meant seeing Marc after nine long weeks. Since they are traveling through the area where Marc has been exiled, Faythe is excited about seeing him for a few hours. However, their reunion is ruined when they are ambushed by a group of strays.

Then Mark goes missing and, despite the overwhelming amount of blood left behind and the freezing temperatures outside, Faythe steadfastly refuses to believe that he might be dead. Faythe is torn between continuing her search for Marc and Kaciís dire situation. The young were has refused to shift ever since finally returning to her human form, and sheís growing increasingly weak as a result. As if all this wasnít overwhelming enough, her Pride has to deal with the outcome of Manxís trial and Maloneís continued attempt to overtake her fatherís leadership of the Territorial Council.

The pace of Prey is insane (in a totally good way) from the very beginning. Even though itís hard to imagine, this series keeps getting more and more intense. This fourth book in Vincentís series certainly doesnít pull any punches and leaves readers very emotionally involved in the story. As with the previous books in this series, readers are left very anxious for the next installment.

Reviewed in June 2009 by Jackie.

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