by Michelle M. Pillow

March 2009
ISBN: 1-59998-247-1
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Hugh of Bellemare promised Queen Tania of the Faeries that he would return for her once his commitments to the mortal realm were finished. So she waits. And waits. And Hugh never returns. Fearful that he may never return, disheartened Tania makes a blood pact with the demon King, Lucien. If he will bring her Hugh she will grant him one night on earth to do as he pleases. As her mood darkens she vows to teach Hugh a lesson – never mess with a faery queen.

Hugh has a passionate dislike for the immortal realm and the magic it weaves. His heart, however, is caught up with the beautiful, seductive queen who haunts his thoughts. Yet his honor dictates he will never be a plaything for an impish faery. Tania has other ideas and Hugh finds himself at her mercy.

But Lucien has betrayed them all and Hugh must decide between his honor and saving the life of the faery he loves...

The second installment in the Realm Immortal series, Faery Queen, takes the reader deeper into the world of the fae. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to reading about Hugh and Queen Tania, as she was one of my least favourite characters from the first book. However, Ms. Pillow proves you cannot judge a character until you have read their story.

Tania, despite being a faery queen, wants what every other woman yearns for – love. For love she will risk her kingdom and her people’s safety. Seeing her descend from light, bright and impish to dark and despairing was heartbreaking. Yet even in her darkest hour, she refused to succumb to King Lucien’s dark demands. Hugh is a perfect hero for the faery queen. His duty and honor dictates his future, yet Tania worms her way past his defences to make him her King.

I enjoyed this installment more than King of Unblessed – something I didn’t think possible! As a reader you become entranced by the world and start rooting for the characters who become like friends.

Faery Queen is a story which makes you believe that love really does conquer all. Another rip-roaring adventure, one that will stay in your heart long after you’ve closed the last page.

Reviewed in April 2009 by Donna.

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