by Michelle M. Pillow

March 2009
ISBN: 1-59998-008-8
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Merrick, King of the Unblessed – the mischief king- has watched Lady Juliana for years, coveting from afar. He offers her the one thing she desires the most – an adventure. Yet appearances can be deceiving and Juliana unknowningly has woven a spell over Merrick’s blackened heart.

Lady Juliana of Bellemare longs for an adventure. Telling the children about nixies and elves, trolls and goblins, her soul calls out to experience a world where they really exist. On the eve of her wedding, Merrick, King of the Unblessed, tricks her into accepting an adventure – journey to the Black Palace and ask him a question. It’s either that or die. However, Juliana cannot resist the strange attraction between them both. This meeting starts an epic journey into the realm of the immortals and proves to Juliana that the path to love is filled with danger...

From sexy immortal Lords to elves, sprighs, goblins and trolls, if you love fantasy romance, King of the Unblessed, is the book to read. Michelle M. Pillow’s story will drag you into a world where everything you can imagine is real – providing the reader with a great adventure packed full of sizzling sex and epic battles between good and evil.

There are many things I enjoyed about this book - the characters, the settings and the fact that it is a rip roaring adventure. The love story between Merrick, King of the Unblessed, and Lady Juliana tugged at my heartstrings. Throughout the novel I was constantly rooting for them to triumph over evil. Merrick is one of the sexiest heroes I’ve read about in a while and he conjures up the mix of vulnerability and mischief reminiscent of David Bowie’s Goblin King in The Labyrinth.

I won’t spoil the plot by going into detail, but the rich world and vivid characters woven deeply into the fantastical storyline is a credit to Ms. Pillow’s writing credentials.

The only fault I had is the pacing was a bit slower at the beginning of the book and it took me a few chapters to get into it.

If you like your romance laced with passion, adversity and epic adventures on the scale of Lord of the Rings, King of the Unblessed is a must read. I cannot wait to read the next installment!

Reviewed in March 2009 by Donna.

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