by Ann Jacobs

April 2003
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Dr. Kurt Silvermanís dedication to his patients was the reason his first marriage failed. When the divorce was final he decided to leave California for San Antonio, Texas to start over. Unfortunately, that meant leaving behind his son Jason. As a result, his ex-wife began to use his dedication against him. She convinces the judge to restrict his visitation rights and poisons Jason against him by making him believe that his father cares more for his patients than he does for him. Kurt will do anything to regain joint custody and liberal visitation rights.

Shelly Ware is a good physical therapist and Kurtís best friend. She has also been in love with him since he moved to San Antonio. When her sister is diagnosed with cervical cancer and must have a hysterectomy, she begins to fear that she will never have children of her own. At 32, her biological clock is ticking. For her birthday, she decides to ask Kurt to give her a baby. After all, what are best friends for?

Shelly and Kurt were going to do each other a mutual favor. They would get married so Kurt can get his visitation rights reinstated and Shelly can have her baby. Kurt thought he could stay friends with Shelly without falling in love. It helped that he began to find her extremely hot. Shelly saw this as the way to have her child and the man she loved, even if he didnít feel the same way.

This is the typical marriage of convenience. They each have their own reasons for marrying and neither anticipated the way things would turn out. Jason comes for occasional visits. The first couple of times he is the typical spoiled, resentful child of divorce. Although, he was not as obnoxious as most kids are portrayed. This was an okay story. Shellyís pregnancy causes Kurt to rethink his behavior patterns when he realizes that he has fallen right back into his old habits which contributed to the failure of his first marriage.

Shelly was a little too good to be true. A 32 year old virgin afraid of sex was a little hard for me find believable, and her willingness to give up her job as a physical therapist without a fight was a little hard for me to accept. Kurtís continued denial of his feelings for Shelly was a little annoying, but his behavior was believable, considering what he experienced with his first wife. All in all, A Mutual Favor was okay.

Reviewed in April 2003 by Carolyn.

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