by Emilie Richards

July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7783-2660-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Trade Paperback

What happens when you have four women from different worlds now living in the same area, and one of their neighbors die alone? You get a mystery to solve and learning you are not all that different from your neighbors. Everyone has problems, secrets and of course romance issues.

Tracy Deloche - Used to rub elbows with the elite people with her husband. Now she is rubbing elbows with twenty-five acres on the Florida Coast, with five tumbledown houses, while her now ex-husband is rubbing elbows with other prisoners for his crimes. She is also having trouble with two different men, one who is trying to prevent her from selling her rundown property, the other one trying to impress her with his wealth and good looks.

Janya Kapur - Is far from her homeland, India. She was shamed into marrying a man she hardly knew, in order for her family to be free of any shame. She knows she did not cause any of the problems, but her family will not believe her. When the elderly gentleman dies, she has found a cause; she is taking care of his plants until they locate his family. When someone from her past re-enters her life, she will have to make a decision on where she belongs.

Wanda Gray - Is watching her marriage fail and takes a second job, which just may be the key to make sure it does. Wanda is wondering just when her life took such a wrong turn, and wondering if she and Kenny can get back what they once had.

Alice Brooks - Has not been the same since her daughter died. She has moments she can not remember. Her son-in-law and his daughter move in with her. She is not sure if she should feel grateful for this or if she should be worried they are here.

Emilie Richards has created another masterpiece for readers to enjoy. There is something for everyone in Happiness Key. Romance, mystery, family secrets, and tons of laughter.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Pat.

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