by S. J. Day

June 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7653-6042-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Eve is finally going to start training as a Mark. Training is to be at a military base that most of it is abandoned, and only certain training goes on, both military and civilians can use the base. She has already been on a mission, assigned a mentor and a handler. None of these things should happen until after training, but Eve is different and nothing has gone as it should since she was marked by Abel.

The training has started and the Archangel Gadara is the teacher. Gadara had ulterior motives for holding off on Eveís training, one being he wanted to train her. He is enjoying that he has the infamous Cain somewhat under his control. Gadara sends Abel and Muriel to investigate the killing of their most experienced Marks. It seems that another Mark has been killed and they are trying to find out what has killed them.

Eve is on her own with both Cain and Abel off on different assignments. She has given each Mark in her class their own nicknames and they are pretty accurate to the person. When Eve thinks she sees an Infidel heading over to the boys side of the duplex where Gadara is, she takes matters into her own hands. She knows she must protect Gadara and she does, only things arenít as they seem.

Her classmates are being killed and no clues as to who or what are doing it. And to make matters worse, a TV crew show up across the street to try to find things that go bump in the night. Eve is not happy about the situation in the least, she isnít feeling quite up to par and something strange happens while she is on the phone with Cain. Will the killer be found before it kills more of the class members? And will the mystery of the Infidel killing the experience Marks be solved?

Eve of Destruction is the second book in this series by Ms. Day. This book picks up where Eve of Darkness leaves off. You will want to read Eve of Darkness first, it lays out the background and the mechanics that are needed. Eve is still Eve, she wants the same things as before she was Marked, even though she knows she might never have them. We canít forget the attraction and feelings that Eve has towards Abel, or the love she has for Cain, or the feelings that both Abel and Cain have for Eve. I canít wait to see what Ms. Day has in store for these three characters in Eve of Chaos.

Reviewed in July 2009 by Pam.

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