by Susan Andersen

July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-373-77393-0
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Mass Market Paperback

We originally met Poppy Calloway and Detective Jason de Sanges in Cutting Loose, the first book in the Sisterhood Diaries trilogy. Detective de Sange’s first impression of Poppy was of a spoiled rich girl. Poppy’s first impression of him was “WOW”. But, when next they meet she’s not so happy when he vetoes her proposition to have the group of teens who painted graffiti on some local businesses to first repair the damage and then paint a mural. She’d much rather teach the kids to put their talent to better, and legal, uses while he would rather see them punished.

When Jason is told not only is Poppy’s project getting the go ahead, but he’s been ordered to supervise, he’s not at all happy. But as he starts spending time with Poppy and the kids, he realizes he was wrong about both Poppy and the project. However, he does his best to resist the attraction he feels towards her because of past experiences. Having grown up within a family of criminals, Jason feels as if every day is a struggle to erase his past, but he still feels unworthy of a good woman’s attention.

When a series of accidents befall Poppy, Jason becomes suspicious and is determined to do his best to protect her, even going so far as to move in with her. He never expects to fall so hard for her, or to actual begin to care for the teens in her group. In the end, he fears he may not be able to keep Poppy safe.

Bending the Rules is a great combination of fun and suspense. Seeing Poppy with the kids, with her best friends, and with Jason allows the readers to see what a genuinely kind and caring person she can be. Watching her deal with a possible threat shows that she’s just as human as the rest of us. Jason also has great depth and it’s a joy to watch him learn his true worth. Fans and newcomers alike will fall in love with this story.

Reviewed in June 2009 by Jackie.

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